Going Through a Dry Spell? You Have One Amazing Silver Lining

A man walks into an alligator's open jaws. Public domain cartoon by Frits Ahlefeldt.


by Mellissa Thomas

“History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed.” –B.C. Forbes

We hear all the time that life is a series of seasons, right? But let’s be honest—it’s not always what we want to hear, because buried within that statement is an eerie warning: with each exuberant, fruitful season comes an inevitable wilderness journey.

You know the kind. Perhaps it’s a relational dry spell in which a friendship, family connection(s), or a romantic relationship decays. Maybe it’s a financial drought in which every bill payment becomes an opportunity for God to perform a miracle.

Or how about a spiritual famine—the dryness of feeling distant from God and not seeing His power and victory in your life? That feeling of incompleteness, of imbalance? The kind in which you fall back into living by your feelings instead of walking in the confidence of who you are in Christ?

Well, there’s a bright side to all of this.
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How Do You Handle Getting What You Asked For?


Scared man clinging to a giant leg. Public domain illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt, courtesy of publicdomainpictures.com.


by Mellissa Thomas

Fear of failure is pretty common, right? But what about the fear of success? Simply put, the fear of success is the fear of getting what we ask for. Now, despite its counterintuitive nature, I don’t blame anyone who struggles with it. And more people struggle with this than we know because it’s not something they’ll readily admit.

Maybe you’ve dealt with it yourself. How do you handle it?
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Heaven? [Excerpt]

Beach lagoon sunset. Public domain photo.

What is Heaven? What exactly does the space above the universe look like?
Well, you can start by looking to the beautiful woman next to you called your wife.

She’s joined to you, she loves you, helps and challenges you,
She wakes with you, she sleeps with you, and takes good care of you

God does the same. That’s Heaven right there.
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What’s Growin’ in 2014…and a Humble Apology.

2014 calendar showing Wednesday January 1stYour time is precious — you don’t subscribe to or regularly visit just any blog, especially blogs about truth and spiritual growth. You stuck with Growin’ Narrow on the promise that you’d receive that espresso shot of truth, or maybe you’ve been here since before the makeover, back when it was still called Mellifluity Inc., and enjoyed the content. But this puppy’s been asleep for a little over a quarter now, so you’re probably wondering what in the world happened.
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